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What's the Point?

In brief, pointillism is the creation of a visual effect through the application of spots of color that blend in the viewer’s eyes, appearing to the viewer as luminous, brilliant colors and shapes.

Catherine's paintings feature a type of pointillism which employs a similar principle of tricking the eye through the application of dots on the painted canvas, visually shifting colors and creating movement and depth.


Each space series painting starts with inspiration, typically a photo of a nebula. This image is then abstracted and sketched  onto the prepared canvas. An under-painting of contrasting colors is applied, then the labor intensive application of various size and color of dots begins.


Using wooden dowels and other tools to apply the spots of paint, Ms. Kirkland embellishes each canvas with thousands of dots, creating the visually exciting works on display. Her aim is to bring joy to the viewer, through cheerful choice of color and swirling dot designs.


And that, viewers, is the point!

bamboo dots.jpg
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