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about the freedom collection collaboration

It is my firm belief that things happen for a reason, that opportunities are presented to us in ways that guide us, and that we make connections that help us become our better selves.

I met Felipe "Negro" Roberson-Torrech at The LoFTs where he resides and where I have my art studio. In considering the new mug collection, I wanted to work with someone whose life experience was different than mine to offer a different perspective. As I was formulating this idea, Felipe knocked on my studio door. Without hesitation, I asked if he would be interested in working with me on this project. He said yes.


September Trible is the daughter of a wonderful woman I know who owns an upholstery shop where I used to display my art. I quickly learned that September is a certified trainer and visionary leader at The Stop Trafficking Project organization. This organization's mission is to see youth and communities become educated and empowered to prevent domestic minor sex trafficking (DMST).


As Felipe and I discussed causes that moved us, we both quickly realized that supporting a charity that aids victims of human trafficking, especially children, was common ground for us. I immediately thought of September and reached out to her. While I didn’t promise her donations of great amounts, I told her that we would also help promote her organization in conjunction with our products. The CKirkland Art Shop is donating 50% of profits from Freedom Collection mug sales to the Stop Trafficking Project.

Please help Felipe and I support this wonderful and important organization.

---- Catherine Kirkland



Felipe has dedicated his life to being an athlete. His first sport was Track & field, followed closely by baseball which he played for 12 years, eventually becoming a professional center fielder.

In the spring of 2005, Felipe first encountered Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art of African origin, which combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. From the first class, he knew he had found his true athletic and professional calling.

Felipe’s priority is to pass the art to as many people as he can, inviting them into the freedom of movement and expression he has found so personally enriching.

Felipe feels strongly that art, whether movement, auditory or visual, is the ultimate form of self expression.

His passion for arts, movement, music, and especially the freedom to live the “one life we are all given” is reflected in his choices for this Freedom Collection and the charity we have chosen to benefit.

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